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A Class Care Life Book

A Class Care Life Book

At A Class Care we like to get to know our clients and to understand their view on the world, whether this is recalling the time they were on stage or the love of their life or just their favourite music.  

We listen and care and our carers will chat and talk around the times that they love to talk about.  As such we have now created our own A Class Care Life Book which takes them through key moments in their life and can be used to store precious memories, words and photos. 

The book has helped us get closer to our clients and we thought why don’t we help others to remember their loved ones treasured moments.   

So we are offering our A Class Care Life Book as a free PDF download, or if you are unable to download a pdf please call us on 01223 864066 and we will send you a printed version.  Enjoy completing this today, with beautifully crafted pages and key questions to help with conversations around the past.   

Our hope is that people start to engage and hold conversations with their elderly loved ones, and also help dementia suffers who sometimes struggle to remember the past with their life and memories in a book. 


 A Class Care Life Book

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We hope you enjoy completing this and would love to hear your stories about the wonderful lives of your loved and any discoveries you have enjoyed together. 


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