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What is Respite Care:

Respite care also known as short term care provides temporary relief to both informal and formal carers overnight or for longer periods. The respite care cover can either be planned or unplanned. This service enables caregivers to have a much-needed break from taking care of loved ones or to provide relieve to attend holidays or other commitments.

Everybody needs a bit of time to themselves especially if they are taking care of someone full time. This is where Respite Care can be important to you and the carers routine.


What Duties Would Respite Carers Do?   

Our highly skilled carers would slot into our client’s daily routine and perform the same tasks as your regular carer. They can live in your home and provide 24-hour care or attend on a visiting basis  – your plan of care is tailored around your individual needs.

Before we complete a support plan for you our dedicated Care manager will complete a care assessment at your home. The care assessment is so we can find out more about what you or your loved ones like and you can tell us exactly what you want from the carer.

Typically, your carers daily task can include:


  • Clinical Care – catheter care and or continence support.
  • Personal Care – including assisting with washing, dressing, showering and toileting.
  • Mobility to support – aiding your loved one with moving around the home safely.
  • Ongoing Companionship and emotional support.
  • Meal Preparation – preparing your desired meals throughout the day.
  • House Keeping – including washing, drying clothes and light domestic duties.


Respite care follows the routine that you are used which is vitally important especially if you have Dementia.

Our respite carers attend a comprehensive and blended training course which ensures that you have both the most competent and skilled carer. This will provide you with the confidence that you or your loved one is being looked after by a skilled carer whilst you are away.


Respite Care FAQ 

1. Where can respite care take place?

Our respite care service can take place within your own home, assisted  living or with a residential care home. Providing the carer has a separate room to sleep in the carer can provide the support at various sites and locations.

2. How long does Respite Care last for?

Respite care provides a temporary break for a specific period. This could be from 3 days per week to 2 weeks or longer depending on the client’s needs. The respite period can be extended to a month or longer if required. Especially, in the event of severe health conditions or to act as a stop gap between hospital discharge and arranging permanent care provisions.

3. How do you pay for the Respite Care?

There are various methods of which you can obtain funding for your care:

  • Private funding – This is where you can pay for your care directly through your private funds.
  • Local authority funding – Following an assessment the local authority could pay 100% of your care directly to the care provider.
  • Direct payments – This is where the local authority will agree to fund the care either fully or partially. To promote the persons independence the funding will be paid directly to the individuals bank account and they can pay their selected care agency directly.
  • Equity release – this is where you can take funding from the equity of your home and put this money towards your care. However, this would be more applicable if you require funds to support your long-term care needs.  

If you would like to find out more on how to fund your care, please click here. If you would like further support and guidance please do contact our friendly care team on 01223 864 06.

4.  The difference types of respite care

Live In Care  – This is where carers live within the home 24 hours per day offering support day and night.

Visiting Care – If you need extra support for a few hours a day to cover a planned or unplanned absence. It would be a minimum of 2 hours per day where the carer can provide a range of support at home.

5. How much does respite care cost?

If you need respite care at short notice or as part of your long-term planning, we can provide temporary care for you. We are very transparent with our prices and we are proud to provide you with an upfront quote, without any hidden costs. To help cover the cost of your care it would be worth seeing if you are entitled to carers allowance

Live In Care – can be arranged for a minimum of 3 days. The price starts from £120.00 per day for a unique package of support with a dedicated Live-In Carer. This price includes having a dedicated Care Manager and 24 hours office support.

If you require longer support, then please do contact us.

6. How much is respite care per hour?

The hourly rate for respite care starts from £19.75 per hour.The hourly rate for respite care starts from £19.75 per hour.

7.Who uses respite Care?

Respite care is designed to meet several people’s needs from young people through to the elderly.

8. How do you arrange respite care?

The process is quite simple, give our team a call, we will arrange for a non-obligatory home visit. This would give you the chance to talk through your package of care. During this time, you can ask questions and we will get an insight to your preference of carer. Our team will help match your preferred carer with our list of both experienced and qualified carers that meets your exacting needs.

We are here to make sure the person you care for has the right support, even if you are not around. As we are regulated by the Care Quality Commissioners , you can rest assured that your loved one is safe and has everything they need. Whether respite care is for the elderly, companionship or condition led care, we can support your every step of the way.

If you think you qualify for respite care, please contact our friendly home care team on 01223 864 066. Our team will be happy to assist you in arranging respite care.

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