Over 20 years Of Experience - Assisted Living Cambridge / Live In Care Cambridge & UK Wide

Over 20 years Of Experience - Assisted Living Cambridge / Live In Care Cambridge & UK Wide

Over 20 years Of Experience - Assisted Living Cambridge / Live In Care Cambridge & UK Wide

What does a Care Manager do?

A Class Care is an award-winning, domiciliary care provider. Domiciliary care is defined as the range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home. Here at A Class Care, we pride ourselves on being able to help vulnerable and elderly adults maintain independence and quality of life.

From help with household tasks to assistance with personal care, our services form part of our clients’ routines. People requiring care have complex and unique needs. From freedom of choice to the security of familiar surroundings, live-in care offers a personalised alternative to residential care and assisted-living accommodation.

No two clients’ requirements are the same. One individual may need absolute assistance with personal care while another may require alternative support. Bespoke care plans help to ensure that the client’s needs come first. In addition to providing practical support, our qualified carers offer our clients comfort, companionship and emotional understanding.

Could you be care manager material?

From compassion and respect to patience and empathy, anyone working within the care sector needs to have a specialist skill set. Alongside excellent interpersonal skills, care managers must be able to communicate effectively with a range of different people.

Care managers play a pivotal role in the delivery of day-to-day care services to our clients. A care manager is responsible for the compassionate and professional delivery of care plans to a number of different clients within a specified area. Working with a team of carers, a manager will schedule clients’ care, ensure its timely, professional delivery and regularly evaluate its efficacy and suitability. A care manager ensures that both clients and care workers are fully supported, each and every day.

Responsible for completing and maintaining documentation, robust reporting is an integral element of a care manager’s role. Processes must be completed on time and all systems should be kept up-to-date. Regulatory compliance is crucial in the care sector. The safety and wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable people are at stake. Care provided in peoples’ homes is subject to regular assessment and grading by the Care Quality Commission. Our care managers demonstrate a robust understanding of accountability to ensure compliance with company policies and all regulatory requirements.

A crucial responsibility for care managers is to maintain best practice standards. Staff recruitment and management is an integral element of the role. While all care workers complete mandatory training, A Class Care also delivers regular, additional training to ensure staff skills are current and compliant. Care managers support and motivate their teams. They make sure all staff training is up-to-date to ensure the care delivered is of the best quality.

From a diploma or degree in social work or nursing to a professional background in health and social care, all our care managers boast relevant, specialist qualifications. The role requires effective organisation and time-management skills, as multiple workloads need to be managed. The ability to problem-solve and the capacity to work under pressure are key advantages. As a care manager, responsibility for day-to-day operations and budgets ensures a full and rewarding role.

At A Class Care, our people are passionate about working with others. While leadership ability is a given, care managers must also be able to work collaboratively. An important aspect of the role is supporting clients’ families. When family members seek support for a loved one, peace of mind and trust in their chosen care provider is essential. Care managers must be able to cultivate strong relationships to inspire confidence in our clients and their loved ones.

Here at A Class Care, we promote a person-centred approach to our client, staff and external partner relationships. We pride ourselves on delivering professional services with the personal touch. If you are passionate about care and want to make a difference, take a look at our latest roles to become part of an award-winning team with a family feel.