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What do Live-In Carers Do?

What do Live-In Carers Do?

The role of a live-in care worker is to enable clients to remain securely and comfortably within their own homes. The daily duties are tailored around the needs of the client, providing a
1-2-1 bespoke service that meets their individual needs.


What are the duties of a Full Time Carer?

A Carer’s role is to ensure a person’s continued quality of life and they are there to fit into the client’s daily routine. Some of the duties that carers perform include bathing, washing, dressing, assistance with personal and oral hygiene, toileting and maintenance of personal appearance including shaving or applying makeup.

PA Assistance

Some of our clients find it difficult to run errands. Live-in carers will provide support with collecting medication from the pharmacist, coordinating appointments with the GP, accompanying clients to medical appointments, posting letters, writing letters, or even sending that important email. A daily routine is essential.


Medication Management

Live-in carers can support clients with administering medication. They work alongside GP’s and hospitals to make certain that they have the correct medication, dose, and supply at the client’s home. Live-in carers take responsibility for the management of medication in all respects. Some clients may have a degenerative disease that prohibits them from taking the medication safely. Support is given to the client ensuring that medication is taken safely and correctly.

Carers should receive ongoing and robust medication training that includes competency assessment before they are able to administer medication. This is overseen by a dedicated Quality assurance assessor.


Medical Conditions

People that are Living with a Terminal illness, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis will receive support and care from compassionate, skilled, and trained Carers. Trained carers will provide specialist care to individuals in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes, whilst additionally offering emotional support and reassurance to their family.

Our professional Live-In Care team, led by our Quality Care Assessors, can undertake tasks such as managing PEG feeds, Stoma bags and catheters. Our Live-In Carers will liaise with medical professionals to share important information, report changes of symptoms or request Health Care Equipment e.g. arrange a hoist. This service will enhance our client’s quality of life and enable them to live independently at home.


Domestic Duties

A Live-in Carer can perform a wide range of domestic duties. Their tasks can include:

  • Washing the dishes
  • Changing and cleaning bed linen
  • Making the beds
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Prepare shopping lists / Collect shopping
  • Wash and clean away dishes
  • Prepare/ clean dining area
  • Arranging and attending short- or long-term trips


Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Living with Dementia can present a number of challenges. Caring for a loved one also presents some challenges which can be scary, frustrating, and demanding. Our Live-In Carers are trained to provide a specialist service using specifically designed techniques to help engage with the clients and keep them mentally stimulated. Our carers have a compassionate and care led approach that preserves our client’s dignity and independence.



Quality Care means that our Live-In Carer’s understand and promote a healthy balanced diet that meets the client’s individual needs. We understand that clients have a range of nutritional needs including religious, ethnic, and medical requirements that we must cater for in order to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Different medical conditions will require unique nutritional needs. Clients with Dementia may require meals prepared on different coloured plates, modified portion sizes or puréed diet due to swallowing difficulties. Our Live-In Carers understand varying needs, nutritional support is constant ensuring clients remain healthy.


Companionship and support

One of the many benefits of Live-In Care is that you have someone with you offering support, encouragement, and engagement. Our Live-In Carers help to increase their overall quality of life. They take the time to sit with the clients to complete puzzles, games or just take time to sit and talk over a cup of tea. Knowing that someone else is in the home can increase an individual’s morale and wellbeing not to mention offering peace of mind.


Live-In Care provides Security and Peace of Mind

Live-In Care is designed to give people peace of mind that their loved one is being looked after within the comfort, security and the familiar surroundings of their own home. Any concerns will be immediately responded to by a trained professional and supportive organisation.

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