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We did it! 447,234 steps! Ipad’s for our clients – Thank you

Mental Health Week

Mental Health week was from the 18th to the 24th of May 2020. It was a crucial week that helped recognise the importance of keeping your mind healthy and ensuring that the right support services were both available and accessible. We at A Class Care had worked alongside the charity Mind to promote positive well-being outcomes.

During COVID – 19 and self-isolation a number of people had been feeling an arrange of emotions including stress and anxiety. Some of these ailments had been long standing or had been in response to the uncertain times we had been facing.

There is a general view that anxiety mainly effects the younger generation. However, having worked in the care industry for some time we are seeing more and more elderly clients feeling anxious and ultimately withdrawn. These feelings have been exacerbated by the self-imposed isolation.

With the government guidelines stating that vulnerable groups must self-isolate it means that some of our clients have become disconnected from their loved ones. This can further fuel anxiety and depression. Statistics have shown that the biggest mental health impact on the elderly is loneliness. Our Team at A Class Care recognised this and wanted to change the narrative and provide our clients with an opportunity to stay connected with their loved ones without leaving their home.

We had therefore arranged a charity event where all staff members were required to walk a minimum of 5000 steps per day from the period of 18th to 24th May. Our goal was to take 300,000 steps during mental health week. We are pleased to announce that we had managed to achieve 447,234 steps. Our Branch Manager Jane Palmer had come up as the “Top Stepper” as she had walked a whopping 88,808 steps in just 7 days.

In response to Janes achievement she has advised that “ I feel it is excellent to promote Mental Health week as this is often something people are reluctant to speak about. By speaking about Mental Health, it enables people to realise that they can share how they feel and they may not be alone in their situation or aware of support available to them”. When asked how she managed to rack up so many steps she said “taking care of my Lama’s. They are animals that I adore”

The Operations Director was quoted as saying “promoting mental health well-being does not stop but continues on a daily basis. We will do our upmost to care for both our clients and staff”. Mercy Canning, Operations Director.

From the funding that we have received from our Charity event we have purchased iPad’s for our clients. Jane has arranged for our client’s to be presented with this new peace of technology and our carers will support our clients with staying connected with their family members.

We will be watching the great things that our client can achieve with this new equipment and the positive changes on their well-being. We will be updating you all with the lovely photos and feedback received.

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions and helping to keep our clients connected.