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Dementia Vitual Reality Tour Bus

I am pleased to announce that A Class Care have teamed up with Train2Care to offer you a Free virtual reality dementia experience. I have attached our poster for your reference. This course is aimed at professionals, care givers or family members that have some contact with clients with Dementia.

We are aiming to promote the awareness of Dementia by providing an empathetic and sensitive approach to Dementia clients. We are hoping that you will experience some of the sensory impairments that are clients are used to experiencing on a daily basis therefore creating a deeper level of understanding.

This course is absolutely free and fully funded by A Class Care. The course will last approximately 2 hours with an experience within the tour bus plus 1 hour debrief session to go through your experience and gain further understanding of what its like to have a Dementia.


The course will provide you with the following:


  • Virtual dementia experience
  • Understanding of what it like to have dementia
  • Sensory change experience


Tips and support on how to support a loved one or client with Dementia


The course will take place our central office in Waterbeach. There will 3 available time slots with limited spaces. The details of which are below:


  • 9.30AM to 12.00PM
  • 12.15PM to 2.45PM
  • 3PM to 5.15P

You can book your free space today by emailing mercy.canning@aclasscare.co.uk or contact Mercy Canning on 01223 864 066 Option 1 with the time that you would like to attend.

Please feel free to pass this to any of your colleagues or clients that you think may benefit from the course.