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A Class Care – Radio Feature

We had a wonderful time at Bedford, Hospital Radio station. Thank you so much for Geoff and Sue for having our Operations Director Mercy Canning as a guest speaker. As some of you maybe aware, A Class Care now has a Branch in Bedford based in Brickhill. Its exciting to be extending our care services to the county of Bedford.

A Class Care has a goal this year to promote the benefits of people remaining independently within their own homes. We are therefore reaching our to as many people as we can to talk to them about how Live In Care, Respite Care and Night Care can make a difference to an individuals overall wellbeing.

During the interview Mercy Canning had expressed that "people only seem to know about hourly care in the community and residential care but they don't know about the care in the middle. It is therefore our responsibility to make people aware so patients and their family members can make an informed choicewhen selecting care. And not a choice they later regret as they did not have all the information available to them". Mercy had spoken to an individual recently who had agreed with her mother to stay in a residential care home. However, had she known Live In Care existed she would have most certainly taken that option.

We want to work with Gp's, Commissioners, Social Workers and any other agencies to ensure that they promote services that works in the clients best interest and not go for the easiest option. Residential care does have its place especially if there is a nursing or clinical need. However, all options should be explored. The Company Directors will be up and down the country promoting Live In Care services and will be a guest speaker on a number of radio stations so please stay tuned.

What are the benefits of a Live In Carer I hear you say? Well, here are just a few benefits.

  • People have autonomy over their own care and routine. They can go to bed when they like, eat what and when they like. The only schedule they have is their own. The carer is there to support the clients schedule and make sure they are safe within their own homes.
  • Family and friends can visit or call whenever they want to. Its not like a hospital when visiting hours are set at a specific time.
  • Our clients can remain within the familiar surroundings and the comfort of their own homes. Many people have raised their children within their homes and the sight/ smell brings back familiar memories. It gives people a sense of familiarity and security.
  • You have the same and regular carer. You get to know the carer, build up a rapport and relationship with them. They do become friends.
  • Family members have peace of mind. You may have a son, daughter or loved one that might live abroad. They can have a peace of mind that the person they love is being looked after safely at home.

There are so many added benefits of having a Live In Carer. If you want to find our more then you can always give our friendly Care Team a call on 01223 864 066

Stay tuned for our next radio appearance.