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Parkinsons Care

Providing Top-Tier Parkinson’s Disease Care At Home

At A Class Care, we specialise in elevating the quality of life for individuals with Parkinson's disease through bespoke home care services. With a decade of expertise, we understand the concerns families face when a loved one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Despite the challenges, we believe that with the appropriate care, individuals can continue to lead a fulfilling life.


Our commitment to providing top-tier Parkinson’s disease care at home allows those we serve to enjoy the comfort and security of their own environment. This approach not only preserves the familiarity and sanctity of home but also promotes better health and emotional wellbeing.


We recognise the upheaval that moving can cause, particularly for someone adjusting to life with Parkinson's. That's why A Class Care champions in-home, personalised care by professional Live-In Care Workers who are not only highly trained but also carefully chosen to align with our clients' individual needs. Our bespoke, fully managed, and adaptable home care solutions offer a standard of live-in care for Parkinson’s that families can trust and depend on.

Parkinsons Symptoms

There are three main symptoms that impacts an individual’s life: tremors that disrupt routine tasks, rigidity that affects mobility and comfort, and bradykinesia, which slows movement, making even simple activities challenging. Our compassionate approach centres on understanding these symptoms to provide care that supports independence and preserves the dignity of those we care for.

Why Choose A Class Care for Parkinson's Care?

Comprehensive Support: Our care plans are meticulously crafted to encompass the full spectrum of needs that Parkinson's patients may have, including medication management, mobility assistance, and personalised therapy.


Expert Live-In Carers: Our team of Live-In Carers High-Quality in-Home Care Agency & Assisted Living Services is not just highly trained in Parkinson's care, but they also bring a level of compassion and dedication that is unmatched. They are equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques to ensure the best quality of life for our clients.


Holistic Approach: We believe in a holistic approach to care, incorporating physical, mental, and social activities tailored to the abilities and interests of our clients, promoting their well-being and independence.


Family Involvement: A Class Care prioritises the involvement of family members in the care process, ensuring that you are an integral part of your loved one's care plan.

Our Services Include

Personal Care: Assistance with daily routines, ensuring dignity and respect.


Medication Management: Timely medication administration and monitoring.


Mobility Support: Aid with movement around the home and encouragement of exercises recommended by healthcare professionals.


Nutritional Planning: Preparation of nutritious meals that cater to health needs and personal tastes.

Companion Care: Offering company and engagement in activities to promote mental and emotional health.


Companion Care: Offering company and engagement in activities to promote mental and emotional health.


Tailored to Individual Needs Each individual with Parkinson's experiences it differently. That's why our care plans are as unique as you are. We work closely with you, your family, and medical professionals to create a care plan that adapts to your evolving needs.


Respite Care Respite Care Cambridge, Norfolk & Essex offers a compassionate solution for individuals with Parkinson's, providing a much-needed break for family caregivers while ensuring that their loved one's needs are met by a dedicated professional in the comfort of their own home. This specialised care can help manage the complex symptoms of Parkinson's, assist with medication and mobility, and maintain routine, all while giving caregivers the peace of mind to recharge.


Seamless Transition to Care - Transitioning to in-home care can be a significant change. We make this transition smooth and stress-free, with comprehensive assessments and a dedicated care manager who will be your point of contact throughout your care journey.


A Class Care's Commitment

Our commitment is to provide exceptional care that enables those with Parkinson's to lead a life that is as fulfilling and independent as possible. We are here to support not just our clients, but their families as well.


Useful Resource

We pledge to guide families on their path with Parkinson's by delivering insightful information that enlightens their long-term care choices. The Parkinson’s UK website is a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring inspiring stories, specialist guidance, and practical strategies for enhancing life while navigating the condition.

Discover the difference A Class Care can make for you and your loved ones. Contact us to discuss your Parkinson's care needs and learn more about our services.

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