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Planning for your care

Planning for your care.

Live-in Home care is a fantastic way to receive care whilst remaining in the familiar surroundings of your home. As with all services it comes with a fee which is considerably less than a nursing home but with many added benefits. Paying for your care or that of your loved one should be planned as early as possible. Paying for Home Care can be a daunting and unfamiliar feeling but there is support out there that you can tap into for either yourself or a loved one – especially if savings may not be an option.

A Class Care Home Care Cambridge has provided you with a list of options that may aid you when funding your care.

Savings – Equity release

Saving’s, equity release, investments and immediate care annuity.

Savings – Putting money each side over the years to pay for your care is a standard option and can be released slowly for the period that you need care. However, please read the below section detailing what support is available should your savings fall below the threshold.

Equity Release

There are 2 types of equity release available:

Lifetime Mortgage & Home revisions.

Both types of equity release allow you to stay in your home and release money from the property (either as a lump sum or a series of smaller amounts). It is vital that you seek expert advice to ensure that you make the right decision.

Lifetime Mortgage – You can take out a loan against your property and still own it. You do not normally have to make regular interest payments unless you choose to do so. The loan is usually repaid when the property is sold after the last remaining owner passes away

Or moves permanently into a care home

Home Revisions – You could update your property which could increase the value of the property which could enable you to increase the value of the property. Therefore, taking out the difference between what was paid for the property and the current market value.

Care Annuity

You could secure a guaranteed income with a care funding plan to pay for your care fees. This is known as long term care annuity or immediate needs annuity. This means that you are able to take out insurance policy that pays a regular lifetime income towards your care fees. There are a number of positive advantages to securing a care annuity as it’s the only plan available to help you fund you care for a lifetime and you can use the funds to pay directly to a provider.

We would recommend that you speak to a financial advisor that maybe able to provide you with the full advantages of this funding service.

Local Authority Funding

Currently in the UK care funding is means tested at a level of £23,250.00. This basically means that if you own assets or have savings over £23,250.00 you will be required to pay for your own care. However, if you are unwell or suffer with Dementia or a long-standing debilitating illness you may be eligible for NHS funding through the Continuing Health Care Team (CHC).

If you have funding that is less than £23,250 the local council may assist with funding. Its advisable that you request a care assessment a few months before your capital reaches less than £23,250.00 as there can be some delay with completing the assessment and if approved the cancel funding the care and providing you with you further information.


There are state benefits available that are not means tested and are tax-free. If you are under 65 years-old and are looking for help to fund care you may be eligible for the Disability Living Allowance.

If you are over 65 years-old, you may be eligible for Attendance Allowance. The contribution is paid at the rate of £55.10 per week or £82.30 per week, dependant on whether you need 24-hour help.

Here at A Class Care Home Care Service Cambridge we want to encourage all our prospective clients to remain at home for as long as they can. We want to make sure that you have chosen the best option for you and your loved one when it comes to funding options. If you would like to find out more about the cost of care or how to find suitable care then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01223 864 066 or email

Team Work

Combat Cancer- Race for life

We are pleased to announce that office staff at A Class Care are proudly taking part in one of this year’s Race For Life events in Cambridge on 7th July. We are entering as a team and collectively raising money for the worthwhile charity Cancer Research. As a care company we know only too well the devastating effects cancer has on thousands of lives across the UK. We have seen first hand the upsetting effects that cancer has done to thousands of people across the world. Statistic have shown that 1 in 5 people have been effected by cancer either personally, through a friend, family member and colleague. It is for this reason we feel that we have to stand up to cancer! We must do our bit to combat this disease and to celebrate all those that have beaten this disease.

Cancer research does not receive any government funding and their preventative research is 100% dependent on the funds that have been raised. With the money that has been raised it can be used towards finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Help us and Cancer research UK create a better tomorrow for more people.

If you feel you would like to help us on our way to raising as much money as we can please click here to make a small donation. 

Ipswich Live In Carer

Satisfaction Survey Results

Home Care in Cambridge & Live In Care

Don't just take our word for it. Find out what our clients think.

A Class Care always strives to improve our Live In Care services and the only way we can achieve this is by finding out what our customers think. Here you will find the results of our recent survey.

Persons completing the survey 

36.8% was completed by the Client

5.3% was completed by the Carer on behalf of the Client

31.6% was completed by a family member on behalf of the Client

26.3% was completed by other – this could be a friend, private cleaner etc.

Dignity & Respect 

94.8% of clients or their representatives have stated their carers treat them with dignity and respect and 5.3% thought that they were fair. We are ecstatic to see that our carers treatment of our clients is consistent with the ethos of the Company. We consistently reinforce the message that our clients are our family and are to be treated as such.

Continuity of Care

Collectively, we have scored 94.4% Excellent or Good. This is a fantastic achievement and we are extremely happy with this response. The Coordination team have worked hard to ensure that our clients receive the same and regular carers. To ensure that we meet that objective we consistently ask the clients how they feel about the carer. We are pleased that this has been effective, and we will continue to increase our efforts in this area.

Choice and involvement 

Excellent response rate with the clients and their representative scoring a collective rate of 94.4% being Excellent and Good.  We are extremely pleased to see that we are providing an inclusive service and clients are involved in all aspects of their care. This figure is in line with dignity and respect which demonstrates A Class Care strength is providing person centered care. Whilst the figure is pleasing, we do not want to become complacent and efforts will be continued to be made to provide an comprehensive service.

Would you refer A Class Care to your friends and Family 

A staggering 100% of clients said Yes. This is fantastic and consummate to the efforts that both the carers and office staff have made. We are really proud of team and we can honestly say they work incredibly hard to meet the exacting needs and standards of our clients. Well done guys and thank you to the client who have entrusted A Class Care with their care.

Please contact our friendly and helpful team on 01223 864 066 if you would like to find out more or email




Huge Thank You


A Class Care strive to provide exemplary Live In Care service within our Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk Counties. In recent months, we have received an unpresented response complimenting our Live In Care Services. We wanted to take this as an opportunity to provide you, our readers, an example of the feedback we have received:

" Dear Sir & Madam,

I would like to thank you and all those involved in the care of my wife X during the final days of her life. In fact, I could not have managed without your support and assistance. It was always my hope that my wife would die in her own home and this was only made possible because of the immeasurable help of your carer's, who each in their won way showed care and concern for her. I have nothing but praise for them. …… was your carer's experience, knowledge and professional expertise that made it possible for my wife to be looked after in a clean and loving environment. Mr M"

"To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during what was a difficult time. I would like to give a special thanks to your carer, who's professionalism and genuine caring nature where so apparent during her stay with Helen, your carer is a true asset to your team" Mr B

The above compliments are just a few examples of the positive feedback we have been receiving. We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our carers for their hard work and dedication to the role.

A Class Care is proud to be recognized for the efforts we have made to providing an A Class Home Care and Live In Care service. Not only have we received recognition from our clients but during a recent inspection from our local council they have said that " they are impressed with our service and can see that we are providing a person centered care and always working to ensure that our clients are at the forefront of what we do". We will always aim to work with our clients to ensure that they receive the highest standard of care and we work with other agencies to achieve this.

Find out more about the services we offer by contacting our Client Liaison Team on 01223 864 066


Charity Fund Raiser – Head Shaving

A Class Care, Waterbeach Cambridge, are thrilled that their Home Development Manager had raised over £400.00 by shaving his head for East Anglia Children’s Hospice. A Class Care have a commitment to providing support to our wider community and to ensure that we are providing support to not only those rely on our services and but to those that have been impacted by Cancer. Continue reading

Recruiting Now

Current Vacancies - RECRUITING NOW

Deciding to work within the health care field is both rewarding and life changing. Knowing that you are extending your support to help people to live independently as possible and remain in their own homes is very satisfying, and worthwhile.

A Class Care’s focus is to ensure that we try to keep our clients within their own homes as long as possible and to achieve this we constantly seek quality focused applicants to join our team. Continue reading

A Class Care Heatwave – Elderly care

A Class Care Ltd has actioned their stay safe in the heat plan to protect the health and safety of their elderly.

The company immediately put in place their action following the announcements of the heat weave during the summer months. Continue reading

A Class Care Home Care Award

A Class Care are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for the leading Domiciliary/Home Care Provider for the LaingBuisson Awards. It has recently been announced that we are one of 5 Finalists to be short-listed. We cannot tell you how happy we are. This is a great sense of achievement for us. Continue reading

CQC Compliance Inspection Results

The Care Quality Commission conducted their latest inspection on our services on the 03rd April 2014. And we are proud to say that once again we have fully met and were compliant with all the compulsory standards. During our inspection the CQC inspector found that not only were we fully compliant we had a “Robust” recruitment process. Continue reading

Working with the Alzheimer’s Society

A Class Care Ltd are proud to announce that they are working with the Alzheimer’s society to arrange a charity sky dive for Dementia suffers. A Class Care Ltd recognise that the profile for the dementias suffers needs to be highlighted. Continue reading