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Meaningful activities for people liv-ing with dementia.

A Class Care recognises the challenges and rewards of dementia care. Our mission is not merely to give quality care but to enhance the lives of loved ones, making every moment joyful. In this guide, we share home activities that promote the well-being of individuals with dementia, providing caregivers with inspiration to enrich their loved one's daily life.


The Joy of Memory Boxes

Start by creating a memory box filled with cherished items that evoke happy memories.  Create a special box together, filled with meaningful keepsakes that hold memories and treasures dear to your heart. Reminisce with photos, favourite songs, sentimental items, and heartfelt letters that engages precious memories and inspire heart-warming conversations.


During challenging times, these memory boxes offer solace and comfort, reminding of a life filled with meaningful experiences and love.


The Healing Touch of Music

Music's ability to heal is undeniable. A playlist of your loved one's favourite songs can trigger fond memories and bring joy. Music fosters connection through singing or listening together, uplifting spirits, and strengthening the emotional bond between individuals.



Gardening is a wonderful, shared experience that can be modified to meet the needs of your loved ones. It promotes a connection with nature, whether it involves starting seeds inside or tending to a garden and is a calming activity that appeals to the senses. Gardening offers a peaceful way to connect with the outdoors while fostering a bond with those around you.


The Magic of Photo Albums

Photo albums serve as a portal to our past, allowing us to revisit and share cherished memories. When we share these albums, they spark conversations that deepen our understanding of loved ones, places, and moments that have shaped us. This shared experience not only strengthens family bonds but also improves cognitive abilities. To facilitate this, we provide a free guide called "The Life Book," which helps families capture and celebrate the milestones and stories of their loved ones. This activity fosters both cognitive engagement and a sense of connection across generations.



Engaging in simple art and crafts can provide a relaxing way to express creativity. These activities are accessible to people with various abilities and can improve focus. Painting, colouring, and puzzles can give a feeling of success, boosting confidence and self-identity.


Tips for Meaningful Involvement:


•   Adapt to abilities: Choose activities that match the person's interests and skills, avoiding tasks that are too easy or overwhelming.


•   Value participation over perfection: Instead of aiming for perfect creations, appreciate the shared experience and the enjoyment that comes with the activity.


•   Routine: Create a predictable schedule of activities to give structure and excitement to daily routines.


•   Attention and Support: Be involved and engaged in your loved one's activities. Your presence, support, and encouragement will make a big difference in their enjoyment and well-being.


In Conclusion


Caring for someone with dementia at home can strengthen connections and create valuable experiences. Activities such as making memory boxes, enjoying music, tending to plants, looking through photo albums, and engaging in crafts can significantly enhance their lives. These activities not only trigger memories and foster a bond but also celebrate the individuality of each person with dementia. By embracing the present moment and valuing the uniqueness of each journey, we create a supportive environment that respects the worth and history of our loved ones.