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Embracing Betty with Gentle Care and Understanding at A Class Care



In this blog, we share our client Bettys story (A pseudonym has been used to protect our clients identity).  Betty is an 86-year-old lady living with dementia who was residing in a residual care facility and longed to return to her own home. Betty’s journey with us at A Class Care sheds light on the beauty and necessity of personalised, compassionate care. Betty came to us through Social Services, presenting us with an opportunity to showcase the depth of our person-centred approach for those with dementia.


Embracing Betty's World


Transitioning back to her beloved home from residential care facility, Betty faced some hurdles. Her dementia sometimes expressed itself through verbal outbursts and moments of physical unrest towards her care provider within the residential care home. This was a sign of her inner turmoil rather than aggression. Understanding her deep-seated desire to return to her own home, Betty's social worker reached out to us, seeking a gentler solution, our Live-In Care service.


Our Heartfelt Approach


Our journey with Betty began with a loving and detailed assessment performed by our dedicated Services Manager, working together with her social worker and Betty’s devoted brother. With this integrated care support, we sought to truly understand Betty’s unique needs and feelings. Through detailed discussions we discovered that Betty saw herself as more independent than her condition allowed, and our support needed to honour this perception while gently guiding her to achieve her personal goals.


Crafting a Compassionate Plan


Our care strategy for Betty was infused with empathy. We introduced gentle behaviour monitoring to understand her needs better and developed calming strategies that were respectful and nurturing. Regular heartfelt discussions with Betty, her social worker, and her family helped us fine-tune our approach, always aiming to enhance Betty’s comfort and peace.


Mindful Selection of Carers


Choosing the right Live-In Carer for Betty was done with utmost care and understanding. We embraced transparency in sharing Betty’s unique needs, ensuring a harmonious match that would bring calmness and stability to her life. This careful selection process was informed by Betty’s past experiences, aiming to create a serene environment for her.


Heartwarming Outcomes


Our approach, filled with patience and understanding, led to Betty finding a sense of calm and happiness at home. Though there were moments of changed behaviour, these were met with compassion and resolve, helping Betty to warmly accept her Live-In Carers. The feedback from social services has been touching, acknowledging the gentle yet effective management of Betty's care.


Lessons in Care


Betty’s story is a reminder that Dementia does not define an individual, with a thoughtful assessment, open-hearted conversations about the individuals care needs, we can achieve the positive outcomes that enables an individual to live their life the way they want. Betty’s story further highlights the importance of ongoing, transparent communication with everyone involved, especially when navigating complex behaviours. Our dedication to respecting and fulfilling individual wishes remains unwavering.




Betty’s experience with A Class Care is a beautiful testament to the transformative power of patience, empathy, and collaborative care in the world of dementia. Bettys story illustrates that with the right support and a heart full of understanding, individuals like Betty can thrive in their own homes, with a Live-In Carer surrounded by care that truly honours their spirit and individuality.